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Friends have asked me how I found the time to write a book. Let's face it. Although the book is very special to me, it is not the great American novel. It's a mere 48 pages and when I look back, I am somewhat ashamed that it took me 6 years to do such a simple thing. I am a procrastinator. I would write the manuscript, put it away, and then resurrect it a year later and make changes. I met Tiffany Harelik of Spellbound Publishers and decided that if I waited for the right time, it would never come. So I hired Tiffany to help me in September of 2020. Tiffany has written several cookbooks and is into astrology and yoga and engages in a lot of other programs.

I like schedules. I like structure. I am spontaneous by myself, but I do not appreciate those who include me in their spontaneity. I like things planned. I am logical to a fault! Tiff was the perfect match for me - I had deadlines, I had online chores to accomplish in a specific order, I had someone to be accountable to. Tiff was there to handle my questions and give me encouragement. This is what I needed to get this book finally published. I learned a lot from this experience.

Last spring, I started "Special Ed and the Baby Sister" and made the commitment to have it available this fall. I hope to follow through with that.

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