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First Radio Interview

Today I was interviewed on KXYL Radio in Brownwood by Celinda Hawkins. I had prepared a few notes, but never looked at them as it was easy to just talk about Ed and the book. I actually had fun and would like to do more! Yesterday at the library's monthly board meeting we scheduled a book signing and I am really excited about that!!

I am in the beginning stages of book #3 and am thinking of bringing in a deaf cow. I have a friend with a deaf granddaughter and their family faces many challenges with her. I thought it would be a good way to highlight these challenges and still have the bullying theme as the bull-ies make fun of her.

Ultimately, I would like to write Special Ed Goes to Snowball Express (aka SBE). ( This is one of Gary Sinise's charities that is near and dear to Jim & I as we volunteer each year by heading up the Command Center. Of course, I will have to get Gary's approval to do that! I think it would be a wonderful way to educate others about SBE and Gary's mission.

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