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Hi!  Welcome to this website about my books based on the life of Special Ed. An aspiring Christian songwriter, I never thought about authoring a book. But family and friends who knew Special Ed urged me to try my hand at writing a children’s book about him.


I'm not going to bore you about the details of my life, but the short version is that I am a city girl born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. I married my high school sweetheart, Jim Kaiser, and in September of 2021 we celebrated 50 years of marriage - boy does that make me feel old! We travelled around the United States with our two kids in tow - Jason and Melanie - during Jim's 20-year Navy career and his 24-year American Airlines career.  In 2002 we made a surprising move and bought a ranch in Cross Plains, Texas, and named it Rock Chalk Ranch after our favorite University of Kansas Jayhawks (and Jim's alma mater). We built a log home and I retired there while Jim continued at American until 2015. We also purchased a smaller ranch nearby and it became known as Little Rock Chalk Ranch. 


Now Jim does the things he enjoys - running the ranches and volunteering as a first responder for our local EMS. I get to spend my days doing the things I enjoy too - reading, writing, baking, quilting, sewing, and working puzzles. I volunteer 60-80 hours each month at our local library as board treasurer, grant writer, book reviewer, circulation desk worker and chair of various fundraisers.  (And, of course I volunteer Jim to mow the lawn, change light bulbs, replace ceiling tiles, and perform other maintenance duties at the library!) We all have a lot of fun there and have created programs for children and adults to get us through the COVID-19 pandemic. I encourage you to volunteer in your community - the rewards are immeasurable!

I am also a seven-year cancer survivor and thank God for each day that I am still on this earth. I have watched many friends die from this disease and wondered why I have been spared. Maybe I am here so that I can tell Special Ed's story and impact the lives of future generations? Only He knows.

Michelle 1.jpg

Enjoying the outdoors at Little Rock Chalk Ranch


My e-reader goes everywhere with me


Hanging out with Runaway


Who knew a city girl would enjoy living on a ranch?


Living the simple life

From the desk ofMichelle ...

*Photos courtesy of Jessica Cunningham-Gilbert

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