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Brutus & Thor

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

More about naming my characters.

What can I say? Brutus and Thor sound like names for bullies! Also, most people don't give their kids these names, so I am less likely to offend someone and get sued!

In this book, and in the sequel, these two are troublemakers. Bullies seldom travel alone, so that is why I created two of them. They have no real friends - they think their friends are the ones who help them bully, but they are wrong. In book 3, one of them might have a change of heart - who knows? Most of our cattle are Brangus or Black Angus, so they are modeled after them. In this book, they are the same size and age as Special Ed, but in the sequel they will get bigger as Special Ed remains small. The two may move on, but unfortunately there will always be other bullies to replace them.

Special Ed's friends will also get bigger - will they forget about him when they grow up? Lots for me to think about for future books..

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