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Disabled Children are More Likely to be Bullied

My third book is being illustrated right now and I am so excited to get the message out.!

Let me backtrack by saying that my friend Sue Schaefer has a granddaughter Kennedy who is deaf. Although Kennedy and her parents don't live in Cross Plains, they visit often and sometimes I get to see them. Mostly, I know about Kennedy by watching Sue's Facebook posts. I have enjoyed seeing the milestones in Kennedy's life and I thought about how difficult it must be for her and her parents. She inspired me to write "Special Ed Meets Kennedy." (This Kennedy is a deaf calf!) I had fun figuring out how Special Ed could communicate with Kennedy and how to incorporate the Bull-ies into the story. I think I did a good job of getting Momma Runaway's mantra across - "We are each special in our own way."

I wanted to do even more to spread my message of acceptance and inclusion, so I am donating $3 from every book I sell on this website and in person to Texas Hands and Voices This organization has been instrumental in helping parents and their children adjust to a silent world.

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