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Our mission:

  • to show children the hurtful effects of bullying

  • to celebrate our differences

  • to value friendships

  • to be inclusive

About the name "Special Ed"

I have taken some criticism for using the name "Special Ed" in these books, since in current times the term "special ed" has a bad connotation.  I am hoping The Adventure of Special Ed series will change that.  Special Ed was a real calf with a sweet disposition and everyone who knew him fell in love with him. 

I thank my alpha readers - all of whom either worked with special needs children or had family members with special needs - for their input in guiding me on this sensitive subject.

I seized the opportunity of turning my sweet Ed's short life story into an anti-bullying tool.  It is my hope that children will learn from this story that we are all special and should be accepted for our differences. - Michelle Hoegler Kaiser

"Special Ed Goes to Snowball Express"

"As you read thru this sweet story, your heart will reach out to love more of humanity unconditionally.  I love the setting and the characters.  Great job, Michelle." - Susan J. Schaefer, CPA

"Michelle, I do love this book’s content and the illustrations!  I think ALL children will love it as well, and learn its lessons."

- Dora J. Price, MEd., LPC, retired Special Education teacher, counselor, and director. 

“Special Ed was so cute with his tilted little head and buffalo hair. 

I always smile when I think of the times I saw him at the ranch.” - Christine Hoegler Evans, Grand Prairie, TX

"I absolutely love this book and the lesson it teaches about true friendship, and being accepted no matter our differences.  This book warmed my heart; I now and will forever have a soft spot for Special Ed."

- Debbie Box, Library Director

"This would be a wonderful book to read with children to help them understand that being different is a good thing.

Many opportunities for discussion are provided.  The story is well written and the illustrations show the animals'

wonderful personalities."  - Jan Bond, retired teacher and school librarian

"Special Ed has been a wonderful addition to my special needs students classroom book collection.  We read it together and talk about things that make each one of them special. We use Special Ed as a reminder that we all get nervous about things, but we are strong and can face them.  It has been my privilege to have known the author for many years.  This book reflects her loving and kind nature.  We love Special Ed in my class! 

- Linda Miedzinski, Special Education Teacher, Hollywood

"A sweet, loving story that will touch the hearts of many by showing achievement and success in life

through hardship and struggles." - Linda Sosebee Burns, D'lene's Proud Aunt who has been blessed to witness the success of winning the hearts of many by a sweet, happy, loving niece

"Special Ed is a heartfelt story of a real calf who faced and overcame challenges in a way that will inspire children

to do the same.  An anti-bullying message also comes through in a gentle way, and that is a message that

both children and adults need to hear in this time of civil unrest." - Margie Palcher Stump, Kansas City, MO

"The book [...] should help a lot of people.  Thank you for sharing it!!" - Debbie Claiborne, Gallatin, TN

"I was pulled into the story and I am looking forward to reading about Special Ed and his friends' adventures.  I like that everyone has something different about themselves even the bullies.  The book is sweet and encouraging in the way that Special Ed has a good group of friends that help him." - Sheila Hamlin, BS, MA

“Special Ed” teaches the importance of friendship, and what it means to embrace your true-self, no matter what the bullies say.” - Nick Watkins, Grand Prairie, TX

"Special Ed was fiercely independent and self-reliant.  When other cows would come running for their dinner, Ed was the one who would stay in the field and graze alone.  He was never one to jump on the bandwagon (and could hardly be expected to get into any wagon).  He was weird and wonderful." - Jason Kaiser, New York, NY

"We all loved the book!!!  What a great story with a wonderful lesson.  Addi and Mikki are honored to have their names used in this great story!!  We can't wait for the next one!" - Brandi Daliege, mother of the REAL Addi & Mikki, Eastland, TX

* Unless otherwise noted, reviewers are from Cross Plains, TX

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